Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What I've Been Doing...

Hello, Dear Bloggers...  Throughout the Christmas season I kept telling myself I would post something on my poor, neglected blog!  But with knitting/crocheting gifts, shopping, baking cookies, and finishing school, I haven't had a chance! 
A few Christmas presents I made I didn't get a chance to take a picture of, because as soon as they were off the needle, I wrapped them so I could check that off my list!  The presents that didn't get a picture were: four knitted scarves, and a pair of those warm crocheted slippers (see first blog post) for my mom, made out of pink and purple yarn, because she's quite sassy. 
Here's a pair of mittens I made for my brother's fiance.  I searched the internet for the longest time (about twenty minutes, but when you're itching to start a new project, that short time can feel like an eternity) for a plain and simple mitten pattern.  I could NOT find one!  So, I made my own...  I'll give the free pattern out eventually once I have more blog followers.  Yes, yes, I am holding my pattern ransom until I get more followers!  Also, the mittens are, in fact, purple... my devilish camera insists on morphing colors...
This purse in the above photo is another pattern I came up with that I will be holding for ransom ;).  After seeing this lady walking in the store a while ago who had this purse (well, pretty darn close to it), I HAD to have it!  I Google searched every possibly granny-square messenger bag word variation, but couldn't find anything close to it!  This one was a bit harder for me to come up with, as I'm a fairly new crocheter.  However, I like how it came out and I'm almost positive the pattern is error-free!  I ended up giving this to my younger sister for Christmas, as she loved it just as much as I did.  I plan on making myself one that's a bit bigger so I can fit all my stuff!
I think those are most of the projects I've made in the past few months.  If I find any stragglers that I forgot to mention, I'll be sure to post!

On a noncrafty related note, this is what happened over Christmas! 

My dad got my mom a puppy!  He's adorable!  Only three pounds!  His name is Oliver.. yes, Oliver.  The name fits him perfectly in an odd way.  My baby, Ginger, is completely irritated with the whole ordeal, and doesn't seem to realize why we're making such a fuss over him!  Needless to say, when we leave the house, we make sure Oliver is safe in a Ginger-proof room....
Happy crafting!

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