Saturday, October 2, 2010

Snuggly Tootsies!

This is my very first blog post!  So please, bare with me...  I made this blog so I can share some of my knitting and crocheting experiences, as well as a bit about my life.  I'm a very seasoned reader of blogs, just not a writer.  I woke up the other morning with this idea of starting one of my own!  I'm not sure why this hasn't crossed my mind before... Well, here goes!
     When I was in the store a few weeks ago I heard CHRISTMAS music playing... I did the "uh-oh" look at my mom and knew I better get going on my Christmas presents.  So between school work, I've been very busy crocheting, which is a new found love of mine=].  Here's why I'm addicted to crocheting at the moment: it works up quicker than knitting, if you make a mistake it seems like they're all easily fixable, it's portable and if you're sitting next to someone, you're not constantly jabbing them with your needles!
   I found this fantastic tutorial and was able to make these without a problem!  When I called my mom over to show her the darling slipper pattern, I found that she printed the same tutorial earlier that morning! Ha!  I guess it is true; great minds think alike! ;)  Here's a picture of my finished pair:
 So first I would like to just say that no, there is no fire in the fireplace... but because I want my picture to be blogtastic, I took it in front of the fireplace anyway... +1blogging point for me, right!?  I also made the straps a bit too big, so I just twisted them.  Voila!  They fit perfectly!  Well, the oven just went off which means a deliciously warm lemon meringue pie just came out of the oven!  Mmm...

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  1. Love these slippers. Sure hope I find a pair under the tree just for me!